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Travel agency in Jaigaon for an unstoppable journey in Bhutan

travel agency in Jaigaon

People always seek those places to travel where their mental and spiritual peace can be achieved. Travel agency in Jaigaon makes sure you make the most of it in Bhutan. Hill stations have always topped the list of priorities of travelers. If the perfect blend of peace, leisure, and adventure is given a thought, then this the Land of Thunder Dragon is the first and the only place that crops up in our minds.

The country’s elevation varies from 200m above sea level to up to 7000m above sea level makes this landlocked country one of the eye-catching vacation spots along the Himalayan range. Now when we talk about such variance between elevations, a certainty of difference in terrains is higher. Whenever we talk about the deepest landmark/valley in Bhutan, Drangme Chhu is what is meant. While on the other hand, Gangkhar Peunsum remains the highest point of the Kingdom and the highest unclimbed mountain in the world.

Why does people fall in love with this place, Bhutan “The Land of Happiness” ?

Bhutan is mostly loved by adventure enthusiasts, flora lovers and people who are crazy to explore unique cultures across the world. The presence of Dzongs, monasteries, and the unique existence of Bhutanese culture make this place one of the favorite leisure spot for most travelers. Apart from this, the sparse population of the country makes it appealing for any couple to spend the best possible quality time together to cherish for the lifetime. The point of concern for all tourists to Bhutan is the proper planning of the entire tour. Travel agency in Jaigaon must be thanked for offering personalized tour packages within the declared budgets to all the tourists seeking them. The offered tour packages include lodging, tour guidance, and sightseeing and tour conveyance options.

Once you decide to travel to Bhutan, experiencing serenity to bring back your soul’s composure will be on the cards. Sheetal tour and travel, a travel agency in Bhutan will make your dream of the tranquilized soul come true by taking care of your every microscopic need, starting from travel planning and staying beside you throughout the tour plan like a friend so that you don’t feel like being at an unacquainted location.

Places you can visit with travel agency in Jaigaon

Bhutan is the combination of history and nature. For visitors, Bhutan has ample of amazing places you can pay a visit.

  • Tiger’s Nest


  • Punakha Dzong


  • Dochula pass


  • Buddha Dordenma

Buddha Dordenma

  • Chele La Pass
  • Thimpu Dzong
  • Punakha Suspension Bridge
  • Tango Buddhist Institute
  • Rinpung Dzong
  • Phobjikha Valley
  • Kyichu lhakhang
  • Simtokha Dzong


  • Thimpu Chorten


  • National Folk Heritage Museum and this list are unstoppable.

folk heritage

Now let’s talk about Jaigaon, a beautiful and amazing place of Bhutan.  A true’ travel buff’ or I can say, People who love traveling, Jaigaon can quench your thrust of traveling. Nestled near low-hanging hills of the Himalayan, jaigaon is a small valley. The tea gardens separated the boundary of the city. There are several spates coming from the uphill and join Torsha River at the downtown. This place is perfect for enjoying nature and its surroundings.  To reach your destination there is some travel agency in Jaigaon who can help you out. The main charm of Bhutan is jaigaon, the place of fascinating landscapes, Dzongs, and monasteries.  A good travel Agency in Bhutan can provide you all the facilities to enjoy and explore jaigaon.

Places you should definitely visit with travel agency in Jaigaon

  • Phuentsholing Town


  • Phuentsholing View Point


  • Jaigaon Dooars Welfare Society
  • Thimpu Highway
  • Indo-Bhutan Border Road
  • Karbandi Monastery


  • Torsha River Side
  • Zangtopelri

Travel agency in Jaigaon has plentiful packages, so you can visit all the places in one trip.

Reasons to choose Travel agency in Jaigaon

With an assignment to continually attempt for excellence by offering the best service and value and to our clients, we pick some of the finest restaurants, hotels, professional local guides, and transport available for your pleasure and comfort. The Way to Bhutan is dedicated to the security, safety, and satisfaction of all our clients. We guarantee all travelers comfortable travel swiftness and flexibility with time to explore and really experience the place you want to visit. Our belief is the best vacations consist not just of seeing new places but of really exploring as well. We promise to make your stay and visit as memorable as possible.

Packages of the travel agency in Bhutan

Make Bhutan an adventurous trip with Bhutan Tour Packages

Bhutan is not only for peace lover but also a fascinating place for an adventure freak. Here you can complete any kind of adventurous activity.

  • River Rafting– River rafting is one of the riskiest as well as daring water sports, this sport proffered by most of the adventurous people of this globe.
  • Mountain Biking– if you love to be a little off-road for some time then mountain biking is for you. In this sport you need to ride a cycle but remember roads are not same as the regular road it’s more rough, risky and hilly.
  • Paragliding– if we are talking about most dangerous flight sports, then paragliding is one of them. In the open sky, you just need to open your arms and you will end up feeling like a bird.
  • Hiking and Trekking– Among all the land activities trekking it is the most haunting outdoor sport among all the land activities. People who feel extremely attracted by hill, mountain, and jungle these activities for them.

When it comes to the reason behind the attraction of travelers towards the best travel agency in Bhutan, it’s never just about the exclusive and personalized tour package, but also the range of services that come in part and parcel with them. Starting from pickup from the airport or railway station, these travel planners offer cars on rent not only for plying through Bhutan but also to the destinations opted for at the most reasonable prices possible, followed by dropping off to the airport or railway in Dooars has distinct collaboration.  Such collaborations are done to ensure tourists’ stay unforgettable with every possible amenities and regional food. In fact, exploring the local recipes of the places being visited is highly recommended. The best part of selecting a complete package is that it includes all services and charges. It’s generally presumed that such packages would make a hole in your pocket; it’s nothing but a myth. The travel agency in jaigaon offers these luxury tour packages fitting well within the budget. It’s because of the fact that the motto is to satisfy the tourist with an unforgettable tour experience.

Travel agents in Bhutan select the finest resorts and hotels for the stay of their clients along with the best tour guides and conveyance options to bid adieu to their clients with unforgettable memories at the end of their tour.


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