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Travel Agency in Jaigaon and Dooars for your Perfect Blend of Bhutan Tour Packages

travel agency in jaigaon

People always search for those places to travel where their intellectual and spiritual peace they can achieve. Hill stations are always top of the list of priorities of travelers. If you are thinking of an ideal blend of peace, relaxation, and adventure, then this the land of thunder dragon is the first and the foremost place that crops up in our minds. Keeping that in mind, this travel agency in Jaigaon and Dooars offers the perfect blend of packages for your Bhutan and Dooars trip.

Now when we talk about such variation between elevations, a firmness of difference in terrains is higher. Whenever we talk about Gangkhar Peunsum remains the highest point of the Kingdom and the highest unclimbed mountain in the world. While on the other hand, the deepest landmark/valley in Bhutan is Drangme Chhu. The country’s altitude varies from 200m above sea level to up to 7000m above sea level makes this non-coastal country one of the dazzling vacation spots along the Himalayan range.

Reasons to fall in love with Bhutan or the Land of Thunder Dragons 

Bhutan, the Land of Thunder Dragon, is one such country that extends the message and ways of being happy and to preserve the essence of nature to the entire world. With the philosophy of Gross National Happiness, the country still stands to be the happiest and the only carbon negative country across the globe. Bhutan’s flora & fauna, and Eastern Himalayan beauty leaves everyone awestruck and brim hearts with contentment. The dominance of Buddhist culture can easily be witnessed by the presence of Dzongs across the country. The transition from Indian to Bhutanese culture can be felt by anyone traveling from Jaigaon to Phuentsholing. The incredible package of nature’s beauty, Buddhist culture, the presence of Dzongs, and happy people everywhere makes Bhutan a destination with unparalleled contentment. So, to make sure you enjoy Bhutan to the fullest, travel agency in Jaigaon offers various packages.

Travel agency in Bhutan take care of all the nitty-gritty involved in turning one’s Bhutan- tour to an unforgettable experience.  The voyage to cherish for the lifetime incepts right from the moment one steps on the Land of Thunder Dragon and is welcomed by the kingdom’s warm treatment, followed by exposure to the Buddhist culture, Dzongs, and hiking monasteries.

Bhutan is the combination of history and nature. For visitors, Bhutan has ample of exciting places you can pay a visit.

Travel agency in Jaigaon provides you with all the essential information about each and every locality you will visit. Moreover, all the guides and driver know and have experience in every area of Bhutan. And topmost places you need to visit are Dochula pass, Tiger’s Nest, Taktsang Palphug Monastery, Punakha Dzong, Buddha Dordenma, Chele La Pass, Thimpu Dzong, National Folk Heritage Museum, Punakha Suspension Bridge, Tango Buddhist Institute, Rinpung Dzong, Phobjikha Valley, Kyichu Lhakhang, Simtokha Dzong, Thimpu Chorten and this list goes on.

Travel Agency in Bhutan offers Inexpensive, Personalized and Amazing Packages for our Travelers:

So, do hurry and plan a trip to the land of Dzongs today. Travel agency in Bhutan sketches your trip and will make it a memorable one.

Places you should definitely visit or roam around in this tiny village Bhutan

Travel agency in Jaigaon has plentiful packages, so you can visit all the places in one trip. We have exclusive and personalized packages so that you can choose the places you want to travel around.

  • Bhutan Gate

travel agency in jaigaon

  • Phuentsholing Town


  • Jaigaon Dooars Welfare Society
  • Thimpu Highway
  • Indo-Bhutan Border Road
  • Karbandi Monastery


  • Torsha River Side
  • Zangtopelri


Once you make a decision to travel to Bhutan, and experience serenity to bring back your soul’s equanimity will be on the cards. Sheetal tour and travel, a travel agency in Bhutan will make your dream of the sedated soul come true by taking care of your every minute need. We will start from travel planning and will stay beside you right through the tour plan like a companion so that you won’t feel like being at an unknowledgeable location.

Reasons you can choose and make a trip with the Travel agency in Bhutan.

With a project to repetitively attempt for brilliance by offering the best service and valuable packages to our clients, we, the travel agency in Jaigaon picks some of the finest restaurants, hotels, professional local guides, and transport available for your pleasure and comfort. The Way to Bhutan is devoted to the security, safety, and satisfaction of all our clients.

  • We promise all travelers comfortable travel fleetness and flexibility with time to discover and really experience the place you want to visit.
  • Our principle is the best vacations consist not just of seeing new places but of really exploring as well.
  • We promise to make your stay and visit as memorable as possible.
  • We have most experienced and highly qualified team.
  • We have an option of quick booking

Bhutan has many amazing places to travel. But if you are a peace-lover then Travel Agency in Jaigaon is the right key for you

Now, this is the time to know about a beautiful and amazing tiny village of Bhutan and that is Jaigaon. People who love to travel; Jaigaon can satisfy your thrust of traveling. Nestled near low-hanging hills of the Himalayan, jaigaon is a very small and amazing valley. The tea gardens divided the boundary of the city. There are several spates coming from the uphill and join Torsha River at the business district. This place is perfect for enjoying nature and its surroundings.  To reach your destination travel agency in Bhutan can definitely help you out. The fascinating landscapes, Dzongs, and sacred monasteries are the main charms of this place. All the facilities and services will provide by the travel agency in Jaigaon so that you can enjoy and explore this small village.

We value your emotions, expectations of a journey you want to enjoy, we travel agency in Jaigaon will fulfill your every wish at an affordable price. Just you need to opt for a suitable package and let us please you by our work. There are so many packages you can choose like.


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